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Steve Hartman, M.A., LPC

I am an ordained minister who served in local church ministry for over 21 years

before entering private practice in 1996. My graduate work in Psychology was completed at Houston Baptist University.

I consider it a great privilege to help adults overcome the trauma of childhood abuse.

Whether it be physical, sexual, and/or emotional in nature, the journey is difficult. I believe it is important to change

fearful beliefs that others are to be mistrusted and that happiness is unattainable. Safe places are hard to find. I am diligent in creating a safe place in which a trauma survivor can heal. Sometimes the healing journey is long and painful.

I am committed to "walk along beside" for as long as is needed.

A darker outcome from childhood abuse are the Dissociative Disorders. Multiple "personalities" can be the product of such abuse. Healing through an effective treatment modality helps the dissociative individual achieve various levels of integration and function.

My passion to help those wounded by trauma comes out of 22 years of serving as a vocational minister in churches in Texas and Florida. The discovery of so many who were not being adequately treated moved me to this new area of work.


Therapeutic Approach

Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PET) | Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) | Eclectic 

Practice focus

Marriage & Family


Trauma Resolution

Personality Disorders

Survivors of Childhood Sexual & Physical Abuse

Dissociative Disorders (Multiple Personalities)


Sexual Disorders

Domestic Violence

Mood Disorders

Executive Coaching

Best Therapist in Houston, Texas



Natalie Hartman

Natalie is your initial point of contact when contacting our office. She works in the office part-time and remotely when she is not in the office. She has been working in the medical field for a little over 13 years and can assist you with all of your scheduling and billing needs. Natalie has experience in patient care, scheduling, sales and marketing, streamlining operations, and web design. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, traveling, exercising, and working on the growth of her business.

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